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Visa Fees

The fees for all visa categories are listed below. All fees are applicable for each applicant, and are not normally refundable. The fees are payable in the Zimbabwe Dollars.

Please ensure that the application is submitted at the UK Visa Application Centre upon payment of the Visa fee into the British Embassy account. The acknowledgement of Visa fee payment must be submitted by applicants along with their applications. 

IMPORTANT: The Consular Rate of Exchange changes every 15 days & the visa fee payment into the account must tally with the visa fee amount payable as per the consular exchange rate prevailing on the day of submission. 

If you would be traveling to the UK for the first time for a visit, please apply only for a Visit Visa valid for 6-months. The issuing of a visa is at the discretion of the Entry Clearance Officer at the British Embassy.

These fees are effective for all visa applications made from 16 August 2007. Consular Rate of Exchange changes every 15 days. 
CONSULAR RATE OF EXCHANGE: 1 GBP = Zimbabwe Dollars 300,000

Fees from 01 June 2007 ROE£1 = $300,000 .00

Multiple entry (6 months)

63 18,900,000
Multiple entry (1 year) 200 60,000,000
Multiple entry (2 years) 200 60,000,000
Multiple entry (5 years) 200 60,000,000
Multiple entry (10 years) 200 60,000,000
Students/dependants 99 29,700,000
Long term non-settlement clearance 200 60,000,000
(UKGP, WP holders/dependants over 6months) 200 60,000,000
WP holders/dependants under 6months 200 60,000,000
Right of Abode 200 60,000,000
Settlement, marriage 500 150,000,000
Direct airside transit visa 44 13,200,000
* Fee for dependant(s) is the same as that for principal applicant

Please click here to find out about the different methods of payment to pay the visa fee in the British High Commission account.


  • Fees are usually payable in local currency and are subject to periodic review.
  • The fee is charged to cover the cost of processing an application. If an application is refused, the fee is not refundable.
  • Visa fees are set by Order in Council, passed by Parliament and apply world-wide. Although the fees are denominated in Pound Sterling they are payable only in local currency at the prevailing Consular rate of exchange, which is adjusted periodically. We cannot accept sterling pounds OR any other currency.
  • In attempting to compare the Consular rate with the perceived rates available commercially, you should be aware that different financial institutions will often offer different rates (the Consular rate will be based on that given by the Mission's bankers). There are also pitfalls in confusing Buying and Selling rates and unofficial rates not available to Mission use.
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